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The greatest challenge this country, and yes the world, faces is not unemployment, the environment, drugs, violence, teen pregnancy, government corruption or even terrorism. The greatest challenge we face are men who have abdicated their role as leaders, husbands and fathers. Legacy Minded Men exists to bring this truth to light AND provide the tools to reverse this trend.
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Our Mission

“Transforming lives by engaging, encouraging and equipping men to build a Christ-centered legacy.”

Our Vision

The vision of Legacy Minded Men is to move men from being unengaged and apathetic in their faith to someone who is fully engaged and a man of action. Through our servant based ministry we come alongside the local church, both small and large, to help build, or assist, with their men’s ministry which, if done properly, will not only impact the church but the man himself. This in turn will affect his family, his workplace and ultimately the community he serves in a powerful way.

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What Pastors Are Saying About Legacy Minded Men...

  • Pastor Harrison Sanchez

  • Pastor Adonai Magwaza

  • Pastor Ryan Baitzel

  • Pastor Eric Butler


Thank you for caring, I’m not use to that, I mean the real love of someone who is a conduit for JESUS, wow!!- Dan Wysocki

Genuine Guys, Fantastic Fellowship, Legendary Leaders. – Jason Decker

LMM has been not only an inspiration but an answer to prayer. To have a regional ministry where Men from all different churches and denominations can come and hear about what makes up a Godly Man... is priceless. – Pastor Peter Bruno

Brother Joe, you are the best.  You left an amazing imprint on their lives, praise the Lord!!!!!
Pastor Joe Figueroa

LMM serves me and many as a 'Balm of Gilead.' - Lee Rouson, Speaker and former NFL Player

It has helped me in my walk. Since I am new to the faith in the last year it has been a HUGE help! – Pat Casalaspro

LMM has been 'key' in my growth as a man of God. Our fellowship offers so many opportunities to serve, grow and unite with men - that I don't know where I would be without it. - George Venarchik

Men are missing! LMM challenges and then walks men through the 'how' of living out the great call of Jesus Christ in and through their vital relationships. LMM reminds men that we are His servant leaders through a community of like-minded brothers in the body of Christ without regards to denomination, ethnicity, age or even failures. Imagine what men who are restored with His purpose and identity could do in and through our churches; men ARE making a comeback through LMM! 
– Charles Eapen

I want to thank you for founding Legacy Minded Men and holding such great conferences.  Your conferences are so awesome!  I love how you are all so hands on and were making sure that we were talking in the our small group. This ministry has truly changed my life! - Kenny Passaro

Joe, if you didn't already know, Legacy Minded Men has been a blessing to me personally and to the men of our church it has been the spark we needed!!   I would highly recommend this ministry and its diverse attributes to any church in America!!  God bless LMM.  - Pastor Eric Butler

Thank you brother Joe Pellegrino, thank you for standing with us throughout this year ever since we came to Legacy Minded Men. We are so grateful and do appreciate all your leadership excellence in our lives. We do pray for you. – Pastor Adonia Magwaza in Zimbabwe, Africa

Leading men is the greatest struggle in the church today because the devil knows if you ever organized men you would have an unmovable and unstoppable force that is committed to success in everything it attends. Legacy Minded Men addresses that situation by giving men an opportunity to find purpose in life itself and to recognize the gifts God has given to them and then to release those gifts to the tasks that they have been called to do. - Bishop Roderick R. Caesar

LMM has definitely given me an opportunity to learn things about Jesus & the Bible and what is the true meaning behind the gospel. Because of LMM my eyes are opened toward serving God and preaching the good and true gospel. - Premtim (Tim) Konushevci

Every Man Conference I have attended, I have been greatly moved by the Holy Spirit. I believe Legacy Minded Men is a gift for all Christians to get equipped and strengthened in their walk with The Lord. Whether it's a Huddle Up, or the Man Conference......Legacy Minded Men has been a blessing to all! – Kurt Edelman

Legacy minded men was there for me when I struggled with having to leave my home Church. Because of the Network of Men and the routine opportunity to meet I was able to keep my walk together and continue to move forward. Had it not been for Legacy minded men, I’m not sure where I would be in the Lord right now.
– Frank Abate



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Legacy Minded Men, Inc is a non-profit 501c3 Corporation. Copyright by Legacy Minded Men. All Rights Reserved 2019

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