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Joe Silva was profoundly shaped by his wife, Marianne, whom he credits as his foundational support and inspiration. Following her passing, Joe sought to honor her memory by supporting Legacy Minded Men (LMM), a ministry that had been a significant support to him during his loss. To achieve this, he initiated a 31-mile "Legacy Walk," raising funds and awareness for LMM, where he serves as Vice President. Due to the walk's success, Joe proposed making it an annual event to the LMM board, which was met with approval. The first official Legacy Walk is set for June 15, 2024, the day before Father’s Day, inviting individuals to participate in honor of someone who has significantly influenced their lives. This initiative provides a platform for participants to either register as a "Legacy Walker" or support someone who is walking, with options for those unable to participate to contribute through prayer, ensuring broad inclusivity and support for the ministry’s ongoing efforts.

How One Man's Quest To Honor His Wife's Legacy
Turned Into a Movement

Do Your Own Legacy Walk

To do your own Legacy Walk follow these 6 simple steps:


Step 1:

Identify who you will be walking for. This could be a parent, grandparent or someone who truly impacted your life, like a teacher or mentor. It could also be a group or organization. We call this person(s)/group the Honoree.


Step 2:

Determine the number of miles you wish to walk. Be sure that you are physically able to walk the number of miles you have set. Consult a physician if needed.


Step 3:

The walk will take place on June 15th, but if that day does not work for you simply pick a date that does.


Step 4:

Send out a support email to your personal contacts. We have drafted an email that you can fill in the blanks and send or you can create your own. Once you "Register to Walk" you will receive an email with the tools you need to move forward.


Step 5:

You can download the My Legacy Walk sign by clicking here. Write the name of your Honoree in the space provided, take a picture and post on your social media page along with the reason you are walking for them. You can also challenge others to do likewise.


Step 6:

On the day you complete your Legacy Walk please consider doing live posts to your social media and share with the Legacy Minded Men page.

Get Involved


Financially sponsor a participant by clicking the "I'm In" button below.


Register to conduct your own Legacy Walk by completing the form provided. 

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Why Legacy?

The concept of legacy, often misunderstood, extends beyond what we leave behind. The most impactful legacies are those instilled within others, enduring through generations. We invite you to help spread this transformative message. Imagine a world where more individuals recognize the importance of cultivating a positive legacy within those entrusted to them. Together, we can create a better future.

Register to Walk!

Commit to taking your own legacy walk! Register your walk and we'll send you all of the information you need to get started. 

Please check your email for next steps

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