is a collection of resources and strategies that provide everything needed to start and/or sustain a powerful and effective men’s ministry.

Whether you have an existing men’s ministry and are in search of new resources, or you are starting a new ministry, Legacy Minded Men’s 360 Legacy Plan is a comprehensive, energy-driving platform that will empower your men.

Here's how it works...
Phase 1:
Engage with a Kick-Off

The Plan kicks off with one of our conference-style productions like Fired Up or even our annual Good Friday Service. These are virtual events complete with interactive breakout sessions that are available to you digitally to host at your church or organization’s convenience. The Kick-Off is designed to facilitate engagement among your men and get them geared up for what comes next.

Phase 2:
Equip with Discipleship Resources

Following the event, the goal shifts from engaging to equipping. Legacy Minded Men provides a robust library of men’s ministry content to drive discipleship, ranging from powerful lessons to complete workshops that are produced by men for men. To access our library of free men’s ministry content, click here.

Phase 3:
Encourage through Legacy Groups

While all of our content and resources are available to individuals, each lesson is geared toward the community. The objective now  is to meet on a regular basis as a “Legacy Group.” Use our ongoing resources for continued group discussion and engage men in service to help build community and leave a powerful legacy!

Phase 4:
Multiply for Impact

After a period of six months or so, it’s time to inquire about your men who feel led to spin-off and facilitate their own group. In this way, we will multiply in a powerful way and impact lives all over the world!

Here's where other plans fail:

You’ve seen it before...a great conference, seminar, or other event followed by...nothing. The 360 Legacy Plan provides the resources you need to not just engage your men, but to equip them and encourage them on a truly relational basis.

Get Started

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