The 360 LEGACY PLAN provides everything you need to start, build and sustain a powerful and effective men’s ministry, as well as an individual man. How? By keeping men engaged, plugged in and building authentic relationships. You’ve seen it before: a great conference, seminar or other event followed by... nothing. Legacy Minded Men understands this all too well and created 360 LEGACY to address this glaring weakness.


Legacy Minded Men produces 2 events or conferences annually. These are available to be simulcast at your church or within your small group. Our events feature world class speakers, challenging topics and are built specifically for men. 


After the event, the goal is to keep your men engaged. In order to honor that vision, we have created a robust library of solid men's discipleship content. We also produce weekly content called Legacy Lessons.


The objective now  is to meet on a regular basis as  a “Legacy Group.” Use our ongoing resources for continued group discussion and engage men in service to help build community and leave a powerful legacy!


After a period of six months or so, it’s time to inquire of your men who feel led to spin off and facilitate their own group. In this way, we will multiply in a powerful way and impact lives all over the world!

This is a winning lineup and easy for any man to facilitate. We are here to help you implement the 360 LEGACY PLAN in your church or group. We encourage you to keep us posted on progress and provide us with feedback. Through the 360 LEGACY PLAN, we will continually lift you up in prayer - as your partner - as we help men to build a Christ-centered legacy.