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This ground-breaking video series outlines two sets of 5 simple steps to help live out our faith in all aspects of our lives today.  It details a simple & effective strategy for our witness that fits our lives in a natural & easy way in all settings: at home, at work, at play -- just be NICER and BLESS others. 

In this 11-part video series, authors Joe Pellegrino & Roland Heersink share their personal experiences – both good & bad – to demonstrate the Bible-teachings behind each letter of the words NICER & BLESS. The videos are the ideal entry point for a study season that goes through the teachings in the companion workbook – “2 Words from God for the Legacy Minded Man” – and make it easy for anyone to lead, and everyone to benefit.

May you be blessed as you live NICER and BLESS others!

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Join Joe Pellegrino of Legacy Minded Men as he uncovers the 2-word secret to living out your faith all week long: just be NICER and BLESS others. In this video, Joe introduces us to Roland Heersink, with behind-the-scenes insight on how the book “2 Words from God for the Legacy Minded Man” came to be.

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No Compromise

Just be NICER: “N” = No compromise

Joe & Roland dig into what it means to live a life of “no compromise,” and how that’s possible in today’s world. We’ll find out how a life of no compromise isn’t just about a set of rules, but about how we engage our brain and negotiate our way through the various situations in which we find ourselves as men today.

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Just be NICER: “I” = Integrity

When Joe challenges Roland on why the letter “I” isn’t mainly about sexual purity, we find out that a life of Integrity includes that but also much more. Joe’s opening confession sets the stage for a lively discussion about how we handle the little things that makes all the difference in our lives today.

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Compassionate in Relationships

Just be NICER: “C” = Compassion

Roland confesses that he’s really not a compassionate kind of guy, but things perk up when Joe & Roland share about some personal interactions with others. Their follow-through on various promptings received made a significant impact, even when they didn’t have all the insight that we generally think we need.

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Just be NICER: “E” = Excellence

Joes’ example of the excited parking lot attendant and Roland’s sharing of his family motto set the stage for an interesting dialog around the topic of excellence. The slogan “Do your best and let Jesus do the rest” sounds catchy – and the authors go back & forth on what is really expected from each of us today.

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Responsible to Others

Just be NICER: “R” = Responsible to others

Join Joe & Roland as they
look at examples of being responsible to others, and how this can happen anytime or anywhere, whether from an obvious need or tiny prompt. The authors show the idea of being responsible to others speaks even more about our faith than any of the concepts in the other letters.

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Begin with Prayer

BLESS others: “B” = Begin with prayer

Joe’s story of prayer for his injured son shows us how we can and should go to God with everything. But Roland’s analogy of “prayer is like breathing” and the challenges given by his wife regarding his own prayer life set the stage for an entirely new perspective – don’t miss this!

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Listen & Look

BLESS others: “L” = Listen & Look for opportunities

Joe’s example of how we so easily get busy can leave us missing out on God’s purposes, but Roland’s idea of putting on our “spiritual glasses” help us to better see the plan for the day. Discussion follows of how we might spot and follow-up on the opportunity, sometimes even against the advice of our own wife!

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Exercise Obedience

BLESS others: “E” = Exercise obedience

Roland confesses his discomfort when, after following all the advice of the prior videos, he encounters a prompting to do something outside his comfort zone. But Joe’s story of financial obedience raises the bar for each of us – how we honor God with our obedience, even when it’s difficult.

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See Everyone in Gods Image

BLESS others: “S” = See everyone in God’s image

Talk is brought to action when Roland encounters a homeless sailor against the advice of other Christians – with an unbelievable surprise ending. Whether it’s Joe standing up for the rights of his unborn child or any of us defending a co-worker in a meeting, this video has something for each of us to take away.

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Serve Others

BLESS others: “S” = Serve others

Joe confesses this is his favorite letter but raises the common concern that if we’re all busy serving others, then how will we find time for the rest of what we talked about? In response, Roland reveals a secret that’s hidden in plain sight right in the first line of the Lord’s Prayer and showing the way for all of us.

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