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Redeemed Resources

Watch the Film
(This is for the general public which differs only in the opening minute. The full prison version is available through the download link below)


You can download:


  • The full film in 1080p format. There are two versions available, one for prisons and the other for the general public. (Feel free to put them on a flash drive for use at churches, prisons or home groups.)

  • 2 Instagram posts (Link to

  • Redeemed follow-up video series, The 5 Mandates of a Legacy Minded Man. 

Click here to go to download page


Ways You Can Help

  • Host a Watch Party. This is a simple and powerful way to witness to those in our circles. It is true that the film was specifically created for men incarcerated but we have found its message is so powerful that it is having transformational effects on ALL who are watching it! 

  • Social Media. Post a link to your Instagram or Facebook page. Just link it to

  • PRAY!! We know this film is not wanted by many. Please pray for a hedge of protection around those involved as well as ALL who will watch it.

  • Donate. We need your help to get tools like this in the hands of those who need them. Therefore, please consider making a donation or even a corporate sponsor. Click here to become a partner!

Order a DVD to show in Prisons/Jails

You can now order a Master DVD that you can copy to send to prisons/jails that do not have the capability of showing it on tablets. Simply provide complete the form below. Only one DVD will be sent out. (THIS IS FOR PRISONS/JAILS ONLY)

Order DVD

Thanks for submitting!

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