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The Fired Up Grant

In order to offset the costs of our premium programming like Fired Up, Legacy Minded Men has been gifted a series of grants from private donors. This allows churches and groups to host virtual LMM events at no cost. Beneficiaries are supplied with the materials necessary, including a high definition stream of the program.

Who Is Eligible?

Each grant represents a specific region or county, and becomes available in the same area. Currently, the Fired Up Grant applies to the following area(s):

Indian River County, Florida

St. Lucie County, Florida

Churches, small groups, ministries and other community organizations are eligible to apply in the above-listed areas.

Here's How It Works

To nominate your church or group, you'll enter your information as well as the information of the best point of contact (i.e. pastor, group leader, etc.). You do not have to be in a leadership position to nominate. If you are the best point of contact (meaning you are in a decision-making position), re-enter your information in those fields.

Both you and the point of contact will receive an email explaining what to do next. Usually nominations are either approved or declined within 24-48 hours. For any specific questions, please send us a message at

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