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LMM Zambia
Pastor Davies Banda

This is the message which God gave to Pastor Davies Banda the founder and overseer for God at Work Ministries and Churches in Zambia.

God had spoken to Pastor Davies about so many things that have since come to pass. Pastor Davies himself is a living testimony of how God raised him out of a very hopeless situation. This was when God spoke to Pastor Davies about what he wanted to do in the lives of many people through his life.

When God had spoken, Pastor Banda was very much determined to obey God’s voice and do what God was speaking to him. Although it was very impossible for Pastor Davies to imagine how God could be able to use a vessel like him who had no single opportunity to step in school and start learning in the first grade (1).
As a result, it was exceedingly difficult for the pastor to move ahead smoothly because of this big obstacle which was before him of not being able to read and write. Pastor Davies learned how to read in one day when he heard a voice of God telling him to go to the mountain for prayer and fasting for seven days. On the seventh day his eyes were opened, and he started reading the Bible immediately.

Today Pastor Davies is touching the lives of many people including children through the God at Work for Kids Organization looking after OVC in New Ng’ombe compound Lusaka. So many lives of people facing hopeless situations in their lives have been ministered to by the ministry of God at Work Ministries and Churches their lives full of hope and testimony.

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