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LMM South Africa
Pastor Gundo Mulangaphuma

I am Pastor Gundo Mulangaphuma a minister for the Gospel of Jesus Christ called to save lost souls, and serve suffering humanity. Economically I am a Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer by qualifications. Due to my calling and area I was working at I studied Primary Heath care, Management and financial Management. The passion for ministry pushed me to further my studies to a Degree in Theology which I pray that I reach masters.

I love working with disadvantaged people and less privileged because I can give them all of me. To me everything is Jesus and Jesus alone.

I am from South Africa rainbow country, made up of 12 different tribes. It is a Developing County and is now a hope for Africa since everyone wants to be in South Africa. South Africa is culturally different depending what area you’re at. God Bless!

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