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LMM Mozambique
Edmo Basílio João Tome

My name is Edmo Basílio João Tome, I was born in 1985 in Tete province central region of Mozambique. I'm married to Emília Mumba and we have six children. In 2019 I went to lamp of God bible School and I became a Pastor. l wish to preach the word of God to all the nations as Jesus instructed us in the book of Mtt 28:19-20
In 2020 I met Pastor Steady and he told me that it's good to start a church in Mozambique and on 30 August 2020 I start a branch only with my family members but I saw the hand of God because it was the time of lockdown so it was difficult for me to do evangelism but I managed to preached to brother Benedito and his family, they accepted and we became two families and the Lord helped us to win more families.

Although most of the people believes in witch doctor's they have started to believe in our Lord Jesus because I was also the one who believed in witch doctors but I got nothing from that life so I gave them my testimony about my old life and the new life in our Lord Jesus.

My country has eleven provinces so I'm praying to our Lord to help me to reach all the provinces although some of the provinces are at war. I know that the Lord will help me and he will take care of the Ministry as he said to Abram in the book of Genesis 12:3

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