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LMM Kenya
Rev Alex Mudaki

My name is Rev Alex Mudaki. I am born again Christian. I was born again on the 28th of Nov 1991. I have never looked back since then.

I am a trained Theologian with a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies from K.A.G East University Nairobi Kenya. Currently Studying M.A in Cross Cultural Missions from E.A.G.S.(East Africa Graduate Studies) in Kenya in Collaboration with Global University USA. I have a diploma in leadership from Pan African Christian University ( P.A.C) Nairobi and Several other Diplomas from other Bible Schools.

I am Married to Patriciah Mudaki and together God has blessed us with 9 Children.

I am a Kenyan Citizen. I was born and raised in Western Kenya, but God called and sent me to Coastal Region of Kenya and in Mombasa City. Coast is a region dominated with radical Muslims. Statistics say Kenya is 80 percent Christian. Kenya is a calm country but targeted by radical Muslims (Al-Shababs) from Somali. Kenya is also known as an Oasis of Peace in the horn of Africa.

I have three callings on me.

1) Reaching out to the sinners and wining Souls into the Kingdom of God.

2) Training Pastors and Missionaries to fulfill the great Commission and

3) Planting Churches in most difficult places where Christ has not been preached. My call is to reach out to Muslim Communities in my Country and world at large. God bless you.

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