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LMM Congo

I’m DADDY MUKEBA BANTU Elisée, I’m 36 old, married and a father of three children. I'm from Democratic republic of Congo. Born into a Christian family and my father is a Pastor and I’m also a Pastor.
Born in mbuji mayi (Province in the center of DRCongo), grew up in Kinshasa (capital at west) and currently my family an I are in Goma, North kivu province at the East of Congo.

In 2017, I visited Kenya where I was enrolled in a missionary school called Ukunda mission school (UMS), I had my diploma in practical mission and Muslim evangelism. This is where the Lord is going to upset my life, my family and my ambitions when it will be clearly tell us , to me and my wife to Come and install to Goma , in the East of Dr Congo.

Lord has given us as mission to generate an army of conscious men for the Lord for a Revival in my country since this part of Congo. On the East where the devil has introduced every kind of evil in my country.

So, I believe only true conversion and Revival by Holy Spirit can heal hearts and change my country rather than politics.
Preaching the love of God to win souls is the work we are doing and have done here since 2018. We have established a church for almost 8 months.

It was not easy for me and my wife to move to this region - an area where wars, genocides, kidnapping and other atrocities for more than two decades occur at a perverse rate. We have neither a job nor material and financial support for my family and the church...this is our current battle.
It's very hard for my family because of the poor conditions of life in addition to multiple other risks.
In all of this my Heart is really attached to Obey God, to Obey the great commission (Math 28:18-20).

So, relying on the love God, I firmly believe that the Lord who began this work will end it.

The Lord will be praised in everything! Amen!

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