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LMM Cameroon
Sone Charles

Greetings to all, I am Sone Charles, born in a small Village under Kupe-Muanenguba Bangem Division South West Region, but grew up with my uncle because I lost my Father in Young age. Because of the suffering my Family passed through we had to move to Tombel a Town in South West Region where I attached my primary education and secondary education. Life came back normal in Tombel.

Not long after my secondary my uncle died, things became hard again on us, my Mother with 6 Children it was not easy for her. Little did I know that God Almighty had a big plan for me, in 1986, this time I was doing my technical education, and a voice I have never heard spoke to me and told me, you will not go back to School I want to use you for my glory. I was confused and did not know who to talk to. A light shone on me like Moses when he met God on the Mountain. I didn't know what to do, and this brought persecution, but that voice kept talking to me fear not nothing will happen to you. I suffered for 3 Months and a Young Man came from far who came and gave me a Bible. The first place I opened; I did not even know how to open the Bible but as I opened it was about Moses encounter with God on the Mountain.
One Sunday afternoon I was sitting in front of our house when two Men came, (I have never known or seen them again in our Town) met me and said they have come to say that they will like to start Prayers in our house so that evening they started and I had never given my life to Christ even though he appeared to me. But that night I gave my life to the Man who appeared to me the man I didn't know. The two men preached in my house for one year, but I was the only one they got. God used them to bring me up Prayerfully, in the Word as a disciple. In 1990 I was blessed to be sent to a Bible School, began my Pastoral work after my Bible School in 1993 in Tombel Town. I am Married to Blessed Florence with 2 kids,
Cameroon is a Country with about 268 languages but two main language of French and English. There are 10 Regions, and two out of 10 are English speaking, the South West and North West Regions. Also the Northern part of Cameroon is occupied by Muslims this makes the gospel not easy to go through. Most of the authorities are involved in secret Society. The two English speaking Regions have been suffering under the French as slaves. 5 years ago they stood up for their right but it has not been easy for in this 5 years many of our people have died, many are left in bushes, many are in prisons, and many have ran to other Countries for safety.
The Lord gave me the Light when he called me and said I was going to be a Light to my people and that is what I have been struggling to do, it has not been easy, but I started Light And Life Mission in 2002 after working with the Free Methodist World Missions for 10 years. I have Churches in different areas, about 15 Church planters, An Orphanage, a Vocational training Center, helping IDPs, Bible distribution Center.

Thanks, Sone Charles

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