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Legacy Minded Men believes in the R3 Theory of Discipleship: Real Relationships Respond to the call of God. That's to say, community is an imperative piece of men's ministry. While all of our resources are available to anyone on an individual basis, we believe strongly that all of these resources are best used in the context of a group. We call these Legacy Groups. 

Now, we don't take this objective lightly; we understand that something so simple can in fact be difficult. With jobs, families and other significant responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time to be a part of a men's group. But guys, this is incredibly important. Being in community with other guys on a regular basis needs to be a priority for the legacy-minded man.  "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

This is an opportunity for you to get together with other men to share struggles, build each other up and forge relationships that will encourage and inspire you. These groups are designed to transform lives by Engaging, Equipping and Encouraging men to build a Christ-centered Legacy.

We encourage you to find or start a group by clicking below.

Legacy In Action Projects

James 1:26 proclaims a powerful truth: “Faith without works is dead”. You and your group of men can have a powerful and lasting impact on individuals, families, and even on entire communities, by working together as a team, bringing practical help to persons (or distressed areas) that are in need. It’s a hurting world out there, so the possible ways to bring about positive changes are endless! Watch what happens as you mobilize your men to get involved – and as a result, demonstrate God’s Love by deeds, as well as words!

Below is just a sample of exciting ways that you can make a difference, collectively and individually:


Meaningful Helping Activities: 

Note: Certain of the items below may need to be done when restrictions ease up from the pandemic – follow your local health guidelines and use your best judgment.


  • Volunteer or put together a Food drive or Soup kitchen as a group.  

  • Take up a monetary collection and give proceeds to a guy in the group who is struggling OR to a family that is struggling.  

  • Do a toy drive in an inner-city area for the kids. Pool the donated money and purchase items like basketballs, footballs, dolls, & toys. (Note – for doing the distribution, you could give items to one household at a time – OR - you may want to partner your group with a recognized community organization; that way it can become a fun event for all and can even develop some new ties for the group).

  • Gather some handymen and help the sick or elderly with housework, cleanouts, landscaping, etc.  

  • Community yard work/beautification of an “eyesore” spot: Identify one of the guys’ local streets, parks etc., and assign them to: mowing, raking, shoveling, trimming, etc. (For municipal property, etc., check first with local officials).

  • Identify a parcel of land which someone is willing to "donate"/ loan for a group garden. Get the guys and their family to build garden boxes and tend theirs and the other families’ gardens on a rotating basis. (This would need to be drawn out)


Building Family Ties: 


  • Gather all the guys from group who have kids or nieces/nephews, choose a park and have Parent/child tournament (Kickball, basketball, baseball, etc.). Lots of fun!


Proclaim the Good News, in various ways:


  • Street preaching / Worship in public area 

  • Offer prayer and/or pass out tracts, somewhere close (as legally permitted) to an abortion facility, for example.


For the Individual man: 


  • Intimate date night for the wife: Here’s one example of a possible blueprint to a complete night with the wife. 


          Step 1: Get trustworthy babysitter (If applicable) 

          Step 2: Write a letter stating what she means to you. (This may be her favorite step!)

          Step 3: (May require a bit of homework first) - Pick out her favorite dress or buy her                  one,  then put letter and dress on bed until she gets home. 

          Step 4: Surprise her with tickets, dinner, walk (i.e., her favorite activity) 

          Step 5: TBD...


  • Identify an elderly widow (or two) in Church and invite her/them over for dinner and scrabble (easy and fun activities) - but always follow Wisdom – for a single man, best not to be alone with a widow!


This list is by no means exhaustive, it’s just meant to help you kickstart your own planning process. The possibilities are endless, so please feel free to customize these ideas to fit your own situations! We certainly welcome you to share with us any other projects that your group has done so that we can add those to the list. God Bless you and your men, as you demonstrate your faith and impact lives, by your actions!


One more thing: please let us know what your group is doing so we can add to list! Send your ideas to

  • Who should facilitate?
    Not everyone is born to facilitate a Legacy Group. The ideal candidate should be a man who is not shy and can keep the discussion going, this is extremely important to keep the men engaged. Also, he should not be a people pleaser who tells the men what they want to hear or allows an unproductive discussion to continue. The entire meeting schedule will either be sent via email to the facilitator or he can simply go to the Legacy Minded Men app to see the new weekly teaching. Either way he just needs to take a few minutes to review the material prior to the meeting and pray for guidance.
  • Do you have any pointers for facilitators
    Don’t let any one man dominate the conversation, including yourself. Let the men know that if someone is dominating the conversation that you will interject to include more men in the discussion. We suggest you have men complete a survey. We have attached a survey that will allow you to gauge where men are in their life and walk. Each attendee will be asked to sign a covenant Encourage the men to identify a man to be accountable to. Here are some recommended questions each man can ask each other: Sample Accountability Questions for Group Members to Ask Each Other How are you doing with God? How are you doing with your mate or the person you're dating? How are you doing with your children? What temptations are you facing, and how are you dealing with them? How has your thought life been this week? Are you consistently living for Christ in your workplace? Have you been spending regular time in the Word and in prayer? With whom have you been sharing the gospel? Have you lied in your answers to any of the questions above? How may I pray for you and help you?
  • What size should groups be?
    Legacy Groups are ideally for 2 – 12 men. While this may seem like a small number it is essential in order to ensure the men feel comfortable and secure. Also, it is important to make men aware that the private information exchanged in the meeting is in fact private and should not be shared with anyone outside the group. If groups grow to more than 12 we strongly suggest you identify a leader from the group and spin off a new group.
  • Where should groups meet?
    They can be held at home, a coffee shop or even virtually. Men can simply get together with a few friends or it can be part of a church program. The important thing is that men meet!
  • What material should we use?
    All of the content available at Legacy Minded Men has been built specifically with groups in mind. We encourage you to start with Transformed Discipleship (an 8-session program) and then move into our weekly Legacy Minutes (15-20 minute lessons with breakout questions). You can also take a look at our complete content library here.
  • I already have a group - can we use LMM materials?
    YES! In order to better serve you, we ask that you fill in our Start a Group form.
  • Can I host a Virtual Group?
    Legacy Minded Men recommends using Google Meet to construct, invite, and run virtual meetings. Go to the link listed below for a quick training on Google meet. Take notes on the video screen sharing segment. This is crucial for sharing the weekly Legacy Lesson with your men virtually. Zoom is also a good option but will cost the group a price to operate. Watch below for an example on how a Virtual Legacy Group can run!
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