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7 Pillar Of A Legacy Minded Man Book Cover
7 Pillar Of A Legacy Minded Man Book Cover

Transformed 7 Pillars Of A Legacy Minded Man Book/Workshop

Transformed: 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man is a book written by Legacy Minded Men founder, Joe Pellegrino, and Jack Redmond. It is a game plan to help men win in life! When men choose to follow Christ, He becomes their winning foundation. Then it’s time to build a great life focused on Transformed 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man and build a legacy for generations to come!

Pillar 1: Prayer 
Prayer is the foundation of a lasting legacy. Through prayer, God opens our eyes to His will and plans, and He gives us the wisdom and power to live purposefully and build our legacy.

Pillar 2: Persona
Persona is who we are at our core. It is our true character and attitude toward life and people. Our legacy is the reproduction of our persona, and it is greatly shaped by our inner circle.

Pillar 3: Purity
Purity, especially sexual purity, is one of the MOST important things in a man’s life. A man’s thoughts and actions in this area have the power to bring clarity and focus or the power to ruin and distort EVERY other area of life.

Pillar 4: Purpose
Understanding purpose is the key to living out our destiny. Knowing and having purpose is the beginning point and driving force of building our legacy.

Pillar 5: Priorities
Life hands us an endless to do list that will eat away at all of our time and resources if we let it. establishing and maintaining priorities allows us to develop a winning plan of attack!

Pillar 6: Perseverance
Tough times introduce a man to himself. Facing fear and trials will teach us not to quit, ever! While we are living our purpose and executing our game plan, we will have to go through tough times, be prepared!

Pillar 7: Power
When we chose to follow Christ, God filled us with the Holy Spirit. He brings the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead and into our lives and works through us! When the Holy Spirit is unleashed in our lives, He will provide new opportunities and the power to succeed!

Small Group Study
The 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man is an excellent tool for small groups. There is a core curriculum built into each Pillar that is designed for personal reflection or group discussion. Group pricing exists for those who are interested in purchasing more than one book.

For more information please, fill out the form below or call 973.865.8000

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What The People Say…

  • "Consumed the book in 2 hours. Excellent, want to give it to the young men in my life, my sons, to start their legacy before becoming fathers, so they could be better men-mentors in their lives and the lives of others."
    - Robin Banta

  • "A completely honest and self revealing book that forces us to reflect upon our own lives and inspires us to seek out and live as our higher selves by aspiring to the seven pillars defined in each chapter. Perhaps intended for male readers, but certainly enlightening and beneficial for women as well. Basic guidelines for EVERY member of the human race on how to attain a fulfilled and joyful life through the grace of God. In today's distorted world where meaningless values can only promise false happiness and eventual loneliness, this book offers a way back to true love, greatness, and the joy of a successful life in every aspect as God intended for us all. This is a book you will refer back to often to keep you on track. It will not disappoint!"
    - Grayce Mouravieff

  • "I have worked with Joe personally. I have seen the same passion that burns in his heart - a passion for men to be engaged, encouraged and equipped to be all that God wants them to be - presented in this book. The unflinching honesty that is presented in this book concerning the fears and failures men face, gleaned from their own life experiences, are simply but effectively shared by both Joe and his co-author, Jack Redmond. There is no academic, unrealistic "fluff" here! Also, the book is a short read (which is great for guys)! I would say with all confidence that "7 Pillars" makes an excellent discipleship tool - - great for Men's Bible Study groups - and a GREAT gift for a husband, son, or a brother in the Lord. Must reading for men!!!"
    - Raun Barretto

  • "This book offers a clear explanation of some of the primary tools all Christians need to grow in their faith. And, it does so in a way that is uniquely tailored to men. The book emphasizes stories and plain language, so it is accessible to a broad range of people, including high school students. Great discipleship tool."
    - Susan Moeller

  • "I just wanted to drop you a note regarding your book. I just finished it and I want you to know that I really connected with every chapter. It seemed as though you wrote it just for me. I found many helpful tools that I WILL use every single day as I grow in my faith. I so want to live the life of a Legacy Minded Man. The pillars are solid and the stories touched my heart. Can't wait to read it again!"
    - Mike Thibodeau

  • "Written in a engaging and down to earth manner, Transformed 7 Pillars lays a great foundation for men to take a reality check on where they are. While we can do a lot of talking as men, this book gives you the space to reflect and then take action! If you're like me, you'll have struggled with, are struggling with or will struggle with one or more of these areas. Read this book because there is wisdom here ... you won't be disappointed. Makes for a great men's group discussion too! It's like meeting your friend at the local coffee shop!"
    - Chuck Eapen

Booking Information

Booking Information

Speaking Event Options


Option 1:  Complete Transformed Conference and Workshop (3-4 hours). This conference includes:

  • A workbook for the event
  • A fun interactive way to experience the 7 Pillars
  • Life application and discipleship principles to build each man as well as the men's ministry as a whole
  • Breakout discussions designed to drive home and make these pillars real in order to transform for the recipient

Option 2: Men's breakfast or night meeting (2 hours). This options provides men with all of the above but in a shorter time frame and eliminates much of the breakout time.

Option 3: Sunday morning service, midweek service or special meeting to provide a 30-45 minute discussion about the power of these biblical principles.

If you would like more information on how your church or group can host a Transformed Event please call Joe at 973-865-8000 or click here to send an email

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Legacy Minded Men, Inc is a non-profit 501c3 Corporation. Copyright by Legacy Minded Men. All Rights Reserved 2019

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