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At Legacy Minded Men we understand the need for guys who need support in a focused area. Therefore we have assembled a list of some friends who may be able to serve you were you need right now.

Blended Families

CoParenting International is a home changing ministry focused on parents who are living apart and seeking the best for their children. CoParenting International offers an array of resources to help parents maximize their co-parenting skills including their featured training program One Heart Two Homes. Other resources involve books, webinars, counseling, in-person trainings and more.

Dads with Daughters

The Abba Project was founded by Dr. Michelle Watson and exists for Dads who have daughters, primarily from the ages of 13-30. As a counselor of 24 years, author, radio host and more Dr. Watson is dynamic in her approach to dads. She is dedicated to seeing Dad embrace his daughter and be there for her deepest needs. The Abba project best fits Dads who are looking to dial in, with consistency, to their daughters. How do you turn a father’s heart to his daughter? Meeting her at her point of need and understand her wiring. The Abba Project seeks to help Dad’s on this journey to build relationships with their daughters, while also encouraging them to embrace the gender differences of his little girl.


All-Pro Dads was founded by Mark Merrill and is on a mission to help you love and lead your family well. This group of people is passionately committed to bringing intentional focus to fathers around the world. All-Pro Dads provides fathers guidance and practical tips for raising their kids in a life-giving way. You can engage with All-Pro Dads today! All-Pro Dads carries the vision given to Mark and takes a fun and active approach to helping Dads engage with their kids.


Grand Kids Matter exists to for the benefit of the entire family. This ministry takes the often underappreciated role of grandparents and puts the appropriate light on them. Connecting hearts within the family is one of the primary goals of Grand Kids Matter. Attention. Affection. Memory-building. Teaching. These are critical points to uniting our families and the next generations. There is a need for these, and even more maturity; Grand Kids Matter believe in the grandparent’s ability to provide for this need.


Across the world families are hurting and marriages are struggling. Family Life’s mission is to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time. To build stronger homes and communities family life offers many resources and tools as in their ear grabbing radio programs. Other one-of-a-kind tools include their Passport2purity®, The Art of Marriage® Stepping up®, and Family Life’s Art of Parenting®.

Men's Counseling and Coaching

God has uniquely created each person for a purpose. He has a specific plan for you to live out your fullest potential. (Jeremiah 29:11) Since God created us, His word is sufficient for the emotional and relational problems we encounter. Through the use of the Bible and Temperament Therapy, our Pastoral counselors will teach you who God created you to be and help you inventory the needs and wants you have that may not be being met in healthy ways.

Sexual Addiction

The Conquer Series is a POWERFUL training program designed to help men discover how to renew their mind and break destructive patterns. Understanding the brain is important in the battle for purity. Many men are stuck in bondage. In this video training series, Dr. Ted Robert shares about his battle and how he is now reaping sweet revenge against the enemy by helping free men stuck in the same bondage he once was. The Conquer series is Biblically based and a unique cinematic approach that takes men on a journey and teaches them how to use the weapons God has given them to prevail against the enemy of their soul.

Single Dads

A Father’s walk has the goal of equipping men with the right skills, knowledge, and counseling support to stay put for their children. Services provided by A Father’s Walk include remarriage counseling, empowerment programs, child counselling, sports activities and more. Whether a single father, male cousin, brother, or husband this ministry cares about and wants to be there for you.

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