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What is the value of one powerful QUESTION? What about one eye opening ANSWER? Introducing The 5.5 Questions Everyone Must Answer Workshop. This workshop asks questions geared towards a sense of knowing who you are at your core.

The questions are thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring. After answering these questions, in an interactive & safe setting, everyone is encouraged and empowered to not only know who they are but to be whom they are with purpose.

This highly personal introspective journey will lead you down a path into discovering:
● how you are wired
● what drives you
● what’s important to you in life

You will walk away with what we like to call a “Statement of Identity”. This “look in the mirror” will allow you to see yourself through fresh eyes. If you are not pleased with this view you will also be challenged to study the findings and put together a plan to make whatever adjustments necessary.

 Did you know that nothing you can do will alter your past but everything you do going forward will change your future? Many people deny themselves a purposeful future because they cannot let go of the past.

Yesterday does NOT have to define you! Excellence is an option open to us all but the mantra of today’s average Joe seems to be average effort! We believe the 5.5 questions everyone MUST answer will give you framework to true purpose.

Let’s explore them together!

What if we finally understood how and why we were created and understood what our true purpose was. How would that change us? How would that impact our community? How would that impact our business or church? What if?

Not Just An Average Joe is a seminar for everyone who wants to live their lives at optimal levels in every area of their life. It's RAW, it's REAL, and it's A DIFFERENCE MAKER!

Through riveting storytelling and wisdom through experience, Joe Pellegrino will rattle the cage and make attendees truly examine themselves and show them who they really are and begin the journey to identify who they were created to be. "Not Just An Average Joe" is a fast-moving interactive seminar that challenges and invigorates. Now your church, business, or organization can host this powerful seminar!
Joe has turned their his life experiences into a powerful, development program to serve as a pathway to identify passion and purpose in one's life while answering the question, "Who am I...REALLY?"


The LMM Coaching Cluster for pastors is designed specifically for pastors to develop positive, encouraging, and catalytic relationships as it relates to life and ministry. As iron sharpens iron, gathering pastors in clusters is a great way for men of God to spur each other forward to “Dream Big, Start Small, and Build Deep.” We meet face-to-face once per month for 3 hours to pray for each other, process scripture together, coach and provide feedback for ministry and Kingdom impact, and encourage one another to pursue the 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man.

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