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Transformed Discipleship

Congratulations on attending the Transformed conference. We hope you enjoyed it. Because you attended we would like to offer you free enrollment to the Transformed Discipleship 8-week training program. You can enroll free by clicking below. But first a little bit about the training. The content is powerful and if applied will make a significant difference in your life.

You know I think it’s fair to say that almost all men want to live a great life, one that is full of purpose. The only question is how to get there? Well the first step is building on the rock-solid foundation of Jesus Christ. Any other foundation is sinking sand. While many men have made the decision to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior it’s important to understand that is only the beginning.

Just like the rookie weatherman who, as the hurricane approaches, is sent out to stand by the ocean many men are getting blown around by the storms of life. The weatherman is standing on solid ground but is outside and unprotected. To build a solid structure, strong pillars must be placed onto a strong foundation and then everything else can be built. Jesus is that foundation and The 7 Pillars are strong principles for any man to build a great life.

It is important to know that before you begin each of the 8 lessons that you download the workbook for each lesson prior. If you have a printed workbook then this step is not necessary. Now whether you are going through the material in a group or by yourself, always remember to begin in prayer!

After each session is complete that’s when the real work starts. You will not be able to view the next Lesson for 7 days after completion. The reason is that there will be so much information to digest that we ask you spend time going through the workbook, answering the questions and reviewing the points. Through it all pray for guidance. Remember information without application will get you nowhere. Put the time in and reap the rewards.

Lesson 1: Foundation
Becoming a Legacy Minded Man is a choice that any man can make. Once that choice is made, you are ready to put together a winning game plan that focuses both on succeeding each day, but also building a legacy that will affect generations to come. The 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded man are strong principles that you can build your legacy on.

Where you start from is not as important as where you end up. All men are flawed, but all men can move forward. The first part of building anything is ensuring that what you are building is on a firm foundation. To build the greatest legacy, you must first start with the greatest foundation of a personal relationship with Jesus.

Lesson 2: Pillar 1 – Prayer
Prayer is the foundation of a Legacy Minded Man. Prayer invites God and His Power into our lives to bring growth and to help us especially in difficult situations. In prayer we receive direction, encouragement and empowerment to build and sustain our faith over time.

Prayer is a choice that must be made daily and even throughout the day if we are to become everything God created us to be. Prayer is simply talking to God and needed to build our personal relationship with Him each and every day.

Lesson 3: Pillar 2 – Persona
Your persona is who you carry yourself as. Most importantly, it is how you respond or react to different situations in life due to who you really are at your core. This is greatly affected by who you surround yourself with in your business, personal and spiritual life.
Society gives us many expectations of who we are supposed to be. These often conflict with one another and leave us wrestling with so many competing demands. It is up to us to build a powerful persona over time to withstand the storms of life.

Lesson 4: Pillar 3 – Purity
Purity is the key to living in God’s presence and power. A strong commitment is needed to live pure in a world that continually pushes impurity on us. The first step is taking purity seriously in all areas of life.

Purity is best gained and maintained through intimacy with God. When we walk with God on a daily basis, He will give us a desire to live pure, which is more powerful than striving for purity in our own strength.

Lesson 5: Pillar 4 – Purpose

The reality is that many men struggle with the question of whether or not they are living out their life purpose. God’s Word is clear that He created us with a plan and purpose. Most men have not planned their life based on what they feel is their God-given purpose.

But it’s not too late, many of us still have decades to live. By understanding and living for your purpose, you can establish a clear focus and direction for your actions and your life. Your life purpose will also be the most exciting and fulfilling way to spend your life.
Lesson 6: Pillar 5 – Priorities
Most people’s lives are non-stop but many feel like they aren’t going anywhere or are not going in the direction they want. We can work from the time we wake up until we go to be with the Lord and not be able to point to worthwhile accomplishments from our efforts.

It’s not a matter of more effort, but of focusing our energies towards established priorities. Too much time is spent on shallow relationships, insignificant tasks and other things that drain our energy. The game changes when you spend your best energy on the most important things – these are our priorities.

Lesson 7: Pillar 6 – Perseverance
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a legacy that outlives you won’t be built in a day either. Tough times will come to challenge us all. Men that build legacy have the endurance to persevere. We often look at great men and women’s lives and it looks easy in the history books, but the one thing that often sets them apart, is that they never quit.
To have great marriages, raise great kids and to finish our lives in strong spiritual, financial and happy place, we must persevere. We must learn to overcome life’s trials, failures and other hardships to make it to the finish. This is a decision that we must make and renew each day if we want to live out God’s purpose for our lives.

Lesson 8: Pillar 7 – Power
There is a huge difference between going to church and experiencing God’s Power. Yes, you can experience God’s Power in church and you should, but many men don’t experience God’s Power in church and especially not in their daily lives.

God created the heaven’s and the earth with a few words. He raised Jesus from the grave after three days. He then gives His children the Holy Spirit to experience this same power. This is the power that helps us to transform us, overcome challenges, persevere and actually live out the purpose for which God created us.

Final Words
Remember that this is only one chapter in your story. To build a legacy, you must keep going. The men who stay focused on The 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man over time experience the greatest growth and transformation. One of the greatest ways you can continue to grow in these principles is to continually share them and discuss them with other men.

Transformation is a process! It begins with a decision to follow Jesus, which is the best foundation. Salvation is the start line, but then we must run the race. Jesus not only came to save us from our sins, but then help us build a new and different life through His divine power. Our prayer is that you continue to live life in a way that you win on a daily basis, and then produce a legacy that will impact your family and society for generations to come.

To register for this training, a $97 value, please CLICK HERE

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Transformed 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man is a game plan to help you win at life! When you choose to follow Christ, He becomes your winning foundation. Now it's time to build a great life and build your legacy for generations to come!

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Legacy Minded Men, Inc is a non-profit 501c3 Corporation. Copyright by Legacy Minded Men. All Rights Reserved 2019

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