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Next Steps

We hope you enjoyed the Transformed Conference! 

Ok, so now what?

An event can only do so much. It can teach you, get you excited and motivate you to do better. But it really is what happens AFTER the event that speaks to its effectiveness.

Legacy Minded Men understands this and has built an "exit" strategy that we believe will get you to the next level. It consists of:

  1. Transformed Discipleship 8-week training  that can be done by the church, men's groups or individually. Each man who attended the conference will be able to receive this $97 training FREE of charge provided they register within 14 days of the event. After that it will be $97. CLICK HERE to register

  2. The Discipleship Challenge. We will issue a discipleship challenge at the conference asking every man to identify just one other man they would commit to disciple over the course of the next year. Again LMM will provide all the tools so that ANY man can do this provided he is on solid ground. CLICK HERE for more info

  3. Building a Legacy Group. Men will be encouraged to form Legacy Groups which are not bible studies but rather groups of 2-12 men coming together to work through life. LMM will provide all tools to run the group which can meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly at a church, a restaurant or someone's home. While it is not a bible study the bible is the foundation. CLICK HERE for more info

  4. Access to view the speaker videos again. Simply CLICK HERE TO VIEW and when prompted enter password 1234. This password will be good for 30 days.

  5. Please consider downloading the 9 day Transformed devotional found on the You Version app. CLICK HERE to explore

  6. Please be sure to like us on Facebook! This will help spread the word. CLICK HERE
FINALLY, Your opinion matters! 

Would you please take 1 minute and provide us feedback on the conference? That would be greatly appreciated! CLICK HERE.

We TRULY hope and pray that you will leave the conference with at least one powerful nugget that you can apply to your life right now. This will be our greatest blessing, to see men who are truly TRANSFORMED FOR CHRIST!

Remember guys, Life is God's gift to us, the Legacy we leave behind is our gift back to Him!