Standing In The Gap

Mentoring is essential for boys to grow up into strong men. Stand in the Gap is a mentor training program that enables men to get the tools and the confidence to mentor, not only their own children, but also other boys in need.

The Standing in the Gap workshop is a 3-hour program designed to educate men on the power of mentoring. It is broken in 2 segments:

Section 1: Understanding YOU!
You can’t mentor someone else if you do not have a good understanding of who you are. This section enables you to connect the dots of your life in a way that it reveals the real you.

Section 2: Effective Mentoring
If you have children mentoring is taking place daily. How? By them watching your every move! Effective mentoring is designed to understand this truth and making the adjustments necessary to truly bless your kids through an intentional mentoring process.

If you do not have your own children, or are just thinking about mentoring a boy who is in need then the term mentoring can be intimidating. Mainly because they think that they are not equipped to mentor another man or boy. But when you truly boil down mentoring, it’s all about being there for another guy, listening to his challenges, asking him questions and doing your best to point him in the right direction. The following components are key to a successful mentoring and the building of long lasting relationships.

•Who should you mentor?

•The first meeting or phone call
1. Open with accountability questions
2. Listen intently to their answers
3. Ask questions, questions and more questions
4. Provide positive & negative motivations
5. Recognize when someone is in need of additional help
6. Be patient
7. Get started today!

The Stand in the Gap workshop is highly interactive and informative. The cost of the workshop is $20 per attendee which includes a workbook.

To book a workshop please call 973.865.8000

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