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An Overview

The Mission: So why Relentless?

Legacy Minded Men (LMM) exists to “Transform lives by engaging, encouraging & equipping men to build a Christ-centered legacy”.

For the past 7 years, LMM has served as a resource for men and men’s ministry and has engaged with churches and partnered with other ministry leaders to help strengthen men to live out their Christian faith. We have learned many things from our experiences and more importantly, from the feedback we have received.

The two key deliverables that the “Relentless” project provides you and your church is based on this feedback and learnings.

  • The first, is that men want and need community. They want more than just a Saturday morning men’s breakfast. They want genuine relationships where they can live life with other guys and share their “stuff” with.  One of the main outputs and result of this effort when you decide to move forward with us, will be the formation of ‘Legacy Groups” at your church. This will be a free resource that will provide tremendous value to the church and its men as a whole by creating groups of men to go through and grow through life together. This is a plug & play solution where LMM provides all the tools necessary for a facilitator(s) to run a small group of men (no more than 12) all controlled by the LMM app which is continually updated. It is a virtual classroom for men to grow.
  • The second learning, and more of a universal concern of many that work with us; is “how to keep our millennials engaged in their faith?” According to Barna new research shows that nearly 6 in 10 Millennials who grow up in churches leave to join the growing ranks of Americans with no religious affiliation. In fact the most unchurched Americans are Millennials. The Barna study further reveals that Millennials “continue to leave the church — in larger numbers than ever before — when they reach adulthood, suggests a need to either revise current approaches or double-down on efforts to equip and prepare today’s youth”. We agree and believe “Relentless” could be a change agent as the program matures. We will begin with a test in 2018 and once the results are studied we will make the necessary adjustments to grown.
  • Our objective with “Relentless” is to create an experience that will engage young and old alike to better understand their role as a man and the importance of building strong relationships with other men.

What our advisors have told us is that this program offers you the potential to build stronger men, husbands, fathers, leaders, and givers in your church community. After all, the greatest asset a Pastor possesses are the men in his church. By shepherding them you are actually enable you the Pastor to focus on your God given gifts while the men take off your hands the very things that stop you from being all you can be as the chief shepherd of the flock.

The Vision

Awoken in the middle of the night on Saturday, October 29th Joe Pellegrino received what one could consider a “Divine-download” which centered on the idea of offering a hybrid between the large Man Conference that had traditionally been done by Legacy Minded Men and the new smaller “Conference in a Box” concept that LMM moved to in 2015. This hybrid pulls from the best that each has to offer to create a powerful one-day event, with an interesting twist since we serve such a diverse audience.

We will offer three different versions of the “Relentless” project, one in English and one in Spanish both with pre-and post-event benefits. A third version will be beta tested in the area of millennial men as mentioned above.

The event, which is titled “Relentless: Building Unity…Forging Relationships” will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018. “Relentless” is designed to unite men of all backgrounds, races, and denominations to facilitate unity and build Christ-centered relationships; provide much needed discipleship all while sharing the “good news” with men who have never heard it.

This multi-site “Man Conference” will feature:
  • between 50-100 remote church sites who will be equipped with all the tools necessary to be part of “Relentless” including pre-recorded messages from the main speakers
  • the complete schedule of the day’s events
  • marketing materials and other downloadable tools
  • A downloadable app for smartphones that each man will be encouraged to place on their phone upon registration. The app will not only the schedule for the day but also interactive tools and future equipping videos as well as a daily devotional.
Event features:
  • There will be 4 total speakers, 3 who will be recording a message specifically for this event. There will also be a panel discussion that will speak to the importance of building healthy relationships with other men.
  • In addition to the three speakers each location will provide their own “local” speaker. Each locations speaker is chosen by the participating church. That speaker can be their pastor.
  • Furthermore, it is required that each location provide their own:
    • Program Director who will connect with LMM leadership
    • Master of Ceremonies
    • Worship team
    • Refreshments
    • Marketing (using the pieces provided by LMM)
    • Optional: Mission 72 challenge. This essential piece to relationship building calls for church leaders to reach out and call attendees within 72 hours of the end of the conference
Relentless will be broken down into 3 phases:
Phase I
  • Monthly leader’s prayer call to seek God’s direction and favor. This will begin in March 2017.
  • Church recruitment. We will have a covenant written that will include a list of requirements that each participating church will agree to and sign.
  • Marketing: LMM will develop marketing tools including posters and cards for each location to use to promote to their local area.
  • Identify speakers: By April 30th we would like to have our 9 main speakers identified (3 English, 3 Spanish, 3 Millennial) plus our panel in place. 
  • Required training: Each participating church will agree to provide at least one leader who will be trained in a “men-specific” discipleship program. This leader will then train other men in their church. LMM will provide virtual training opportunities over the next year, beginning in September, for churches to plug their men into “basic” discipleship & relationship training. These trainings are essential to the success of “Relentless”.
Phase II
  • The “Relentless” event will occur on April 28, 2018 including:
  • Video clips during the event will promote Discipleship, Mentoring and building and sustaining a Legacy Group.
  • Opportunities for men, who currently do not have a home church, to plug into one.
Phase III
  • After event Discipleship & Relationship training opportunities
  • Ability to establish Legacy Groups 
  • Optional follow up event for fathers and sons the day before Father’s Day at the locations who participated in “Relentless”.
Potential Speakers for Both English & Spanish Events

  • English: Angus Buchan, Mike Franzese, JC Worley, Darryl Strawberry, Harrison Sanchez, Roderick Caesar, Liston Paige Jr., Ryan Baitzel, Keith Elias, Dana Thomas, Alex Kendrick, Ron Hutchcraft, Bill Hybels, Greg Laurie, TD Jakes, Tony Evans, Donnie McClurkin, Steven Furtick, DA Horton, Andy Stanley, Lionel King (consider alphabetizing)
  • Spanish: Luis Palau, Juan Garcia, Castor Castillo, Sammy Rodriquez, Nicky Cruz, Luis Cortez, Dante Gebel (consider alphabetizing)

Marketing & Promotional materials

  • Video promo will include stats and cut away images/videos
  • Develop poster, mini-billboards, interactive app and website
  • Build millennial team possibly through Young Life, Touch the World or CRU

Relentless Timeline (next 6 months)
Executive team meetingFebruary 25, 2017 8am to 10am
Establish event budgetFebruary 25, 2017
Identify and contact list of potential speakersFebruary 25, 2017
Develop covenant for participating churchesMarch 7, 2017
Monthly leader’s prayer call3rd Sunday of the month at 8pm (1st is 3/19)
Begin to sign up participating churchesApril 1, 2017
Develop event logoApril 1, 2017
6 main event speakers in placeApril 30, 2017
Executive team meeting May 6, 2017
First Discipleship/mentoring training class (virtual or live)September 11, 2017
Q. Who will pay for this event?
A. Each location will be responsible to provide the venue, refreshments and absorb any technological costs. They will also be responsible to pay their local speaker, if they so desire, and the discipleship training. Total cost would be roughly $500.
Q. Can churches team up to do the event?
A. Yes. If a church does not feel it can host the event itself, it can team up with one or more other churches to do the event together.
Q. Will there be a fee for men to come to the event?
A. No. The event at all locations will be free. However in an effort for churches to recoup their investment we have built in a time to do a love offering which is optional.
Q. If the event is free who is paying for the speakers and marketing materials?
A. Legacy Minded Men will seek out sponsorship dollars to cover the cost of all the overhead. Participating churches need only cover the estimated $500 stated previously.
Q. What if we do not want to disciple our men or put them through the LMM discipleship training?
A. The entire point of doing this program is to strengthen men and help them to develop new relationships. Therefore, this is a non-negotiable. A church merely needs to identify one leader who will attend a training course and then he will bring it back to his church and train up their men virtually. This will ultimately BLESS the pastor and his staff by raising up a group of servant leaders.
Q. Can women play a role in Relentless?
A. Absolutely! We believe that while many women in the church who have assumed the leadership role men have abdicated would greatly support an effort to raise up the sleeping giants. Therefore, we will seek out women’s ministries to promote and pray for the project.
Q. What other needs/resources will the project need?
A. Social media team (Interns?), video shorts and blog writers

Relentless will be a ground-breaking project/event that will rock Metropolitan men (and women) if we all unite under the leading of the Holy Spirit. While we are all different we come together at the cross, which is level ground, so that we can truly function as the body of Christ.
New, real relationships will be forged before, during and after the event and unity will occur as leaders of churches who would not normally work together will put aside their difference and focus on the goal: To Engage, Encourage & Equip men to build a Christ-centered Legacy!
Please be in prayer about this event and recognize the power that can be released through this unity of spirit.

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