Move The Chains

What would the world look like if men were REAL men? What difference would it make in your home, community, workplace or church? It's Time to MOVE THE CHAINS!

Move the Chains is designed to engage the men in your church in a unique and interactive way. This 2-3 hour event is a springboard to help your group or church begin the process of discipling your men in a simple, practical manner that asks the question, "Who Are You...Really?"

2-time Super Bowl champion Lee Rouson, Legacy Minded Men founder Joe Pellegrino and Certified Life Coach Juan Garcia provide the men with powerful and fun tools to answer this important question wrapped in a football metaphor. Utilizing an interactive platform and breakout sessions men get to know each other and more importantly themselves! This intense program is designed to help illuminate each man’s unique purpose. It talks specifically on how if we only realized that the Holy Spirit truly resides in us as believers we can do all things in His name, for His glory! Straight talk...NO FLUFF!

What is expected of a host church or organization?

All that is required to host a Move the Chains Conference/Workshop is to provide the venue, refreshments and to invite, invite, invite!!!

How can your Church or Organization host a Moving the Chains Conference/Workshop?

To book a Moving the Chains Conference/Workshop for your church/organization/company or to receive more information please call 973.865.8000 and let us know when you would like to host an event.

What others are saying...

"Absolutely Fantastic!!!" - Len Deo, New Jersey Family Policy Council

"It is both a great honor and privilege to recommend the ministry of Lee Rouson and Joe Pellegrino of Legacy Minded Men. They are truly men of integrity, prophetic sensitivity and maturity. They have grasp of and ability to teach scripture and freely share their own personal experiences. All of the above describes their very relevant, new innovative and cutting edge approach to ministry which is beyond measure." - Rev. Anzetta Adams, Coordinating Chaplain, Bergen County Jail

"Thumbs up on Move the Chains!... a wonderful experience which is truly thought provoking. Joe and Lee are in their own league. They help answer the simple, yet complex question, "Who are you… really?" They passed the ball back and forth and ultimately gave us the ball. They made us realize that we are part of the team trying to reach the ultimate goal. Move the Chains is an awesome experience. Thanks Joe and Lee!" - Mike Santo, St. Ann's Church

"In the process of challenging our men, Joe and Lee came well prepared. Their interaction flowed naturally, drawing the men into their "conversation." The stories they shared were ones that every one of the men could relate to, and the biblical truths they highlighted touched on every aspect of a man's life. We heartily recommend the Move the Chains Workshop as a means to encourage, inspire and challenge men to be followers of Jesus Christ!" – Pastor David Bratton, Bethlehem Church

"Our Move the Chains Workshop had over 60 men in attendance. Lee's chant of "Go, Go, Get it, Get it" fired us up and laid down the ground work for our men's ministry to begin understanding how God desires us to become better husbands, fathers and men of honor!" – Pastor Eric Butler, True Vine Christian Church

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