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Excellence and Authenticity. This is what men want most from an event.
Excellence in program, atmosphere and personnel.
Authentic in EVERYTHING!


Excellence and authenticity. This is what men want most from an event.
•Excellence in program, atmosphere and personnel.
•Authenticity in those presenting and those leading.
We have learned that the best speakers are not necessarily the best known but the communicators who are most real! Our speaker’s bureau is full of men that fit the bill.
For almost 7 years now Legacy Minded Men has earned the respect of the men who have attended their Man Conferences. Now your church or organization can host a Man Conference at their location by teaming up with Legacy Minded Men in what we call “Conference in a Box”. Here are the particulars:

Minimum Host Church or Group Requirements:

•Have access to a facility to host the conference
•Have appropriate space for fellowship/break time/workshops
•Have progressive audio/video setup
•Be able to provide a continental breakfast
•Have ample free parking

Any church or group that meets the minimum requirements is able to host a conference regardless of the expected attendance. This means whether you expect 50 or 500 we will be able to create and oversee a powerful time for all who attend.

Host Responsibilities:

        o The Senior Pastor must be on board and be willing to promote to his men
        o Link with other churches to establish promotion and co-sponsorship
        o Gain local publicity

•Order breakfast and break foods (could be done as a fundraiser)
       o Bagels, Danish & Muffins
       o Orange Juice
       o Tea & Coffee
       o Napkins, Plates, Cups: hot + cold, Water bottles, Spoons/Forks/Knives/Stirrers
       o Sugar, Butter/Cream Cheese, Milk, Half & Half
       o Order post conference sub or pizza for workshops (optional)

•Organize volunteers to be
      o The worship team
      o Master of Ceremonies
      o Hospitality team
      o Prayer team
      o Setup and breakdown, tables/chairs etc.
      o Manage food/drinks
      o Direct parking (if needed) and flow of men

Legacy Minded Men Responsibilities:
•Develop timeline
•Create program schedule
•Identify 3 speakers (if host church would like to recommend their own speakers that is acceptable)
•Set up online registration
•Create and print:
       o 100 Conference 11 x 17 posters
       o 1,000 event business cards
       o Up to 250 Program booklets (over 250 is the responsibility of host)

References & Testimonials happily provided upon request

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