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360 Conference on Demand

Excellence and Authenticity. This is what men want most from an event. Excellence in program, atmosphere and personnel. Authenticity in EVERYTHING!

For 10 years now Legacy Minded Men has earned the respect of the men who have attended their conferences and the churches who have hosted. Now Legacy Minded Men has pioneered the next great thing in men's ministry. Introducing the 360° Conference On Demand.


In April of 2018, history was made, as a pre-recorded Conference was done at multiple sites - including 7 States and international locations as well! Men from every race and denomination were blessed, energized, and inspired, by great speakers such as Dr. Tony Evans, Ron Hutchcraft, Kenny Luck and more! We got great feedback - it was a Home Run! Now your church can enjoy that same kind of blessing, via our 360°Conference On Demand! All Conferences have the following features:

  • Easy to implement - everything from speakers to breakout sessions are included on a downloadable file - press "Play" and you are ready to go! You just add refreshments and a worship team to complete the program.
  • No Upfront Cost - The conference is a partnership. Legacy Minded Men will build the ticketing system through Eventbrite. The cost of the ticket is $30 per man who attends which is split 3 ways between your church, whoever generated the lead (this could be you!), and Legacy Minded Men. No other fees for the church or host exist unless a breakfast or outside marketing is done.
  • Resources - All necessary marketing resources will be available via download. This includes a poster, handout, bulletin insert and logos.
  • No tech challenges - Since most small churches have limited resources we eliminated the high costs of satellite or shakiness of live stream. Our downloadable program provides the ENTIRE program in one seamless file!
  • Flexible scheduling - Since the conference is not offered via live stream, so you can choose your own date and time to suit your men’s' needs. It also provides you with the option of doing a conference one year in advance or one week.
  • Pre-Screening - How about this for a benefit...your pastor or men's leader can actually PREVIEW the entire conference so that you know every word that will be said! How awesome is that!
  • Built in MC - In order to move things along nicely we even built in a Master of Ceremonies, making this program a dream for men's leaders who just want to press a button and act as a facilitator!
  • The LMM App - Each attendee will be able to download the companion LMM App free of charge. This powerful tool puts discipleship in the hands of any man to use for himself or to invite others to join him.
  • The 360° difference - The challenge with most conferences is that when they are over, they are OVER! Not with the 360° Conference on Demand! The conference is merely the beginning. The goal is simple, to keep the discussion going! Therefore we have created a follow-up experience that will disciple your men. We call it Transformed Discipleship. It's an 8-week, video discipleship training that is INCLUDED in the 360° package. Once the 8-week training is completed men will form what we call, Legacy Groups, so that they can continue to grow in their relationships and faith until the next 360° Conference on Demand!
Who is the 360° Conference on Demand for?

Any church with 5 men or 5,000 men! Any denomination, any culture, ANY CHURCH!

References & Testimonials happily provided upon request

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