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Sanctified Recovery

More and more, men today experience issues with things such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, or the like. Others may not have those particular struggles - but they do find themselves watching sexualized images on a frequent basis. We understand.

Over time, we have found that ANY behavior that we repeat on a regular basis, and which violates our own conscience, can be called a 'Chain'. Good News - there is HOPE! Listen to these calls and you will receive encouragement and new strength to break any kind of chain in your life!

Take A Listen To Some Of Our Calls

Pastor Tim - What do you do when you've done all you can to help your son, a young man that struggles with mental illness? How do you maintain a posture of faith - despite the obvious, right in front of you - and you can't "fix it"? What do you when you have all of these challenges - and you are a Preacher of the Gospel, a Man of God - a Pastor? How do you overcome, even when the worst happens? How do you bounce back from a devastating loss?Pastor Tim Chicola of the Crossing Church in Livingston, NJ, has had to grapple with all of these questions. From difficult experiences he has walked through, he will have some words of wise counsel for anyone that is facing tough challenges, no doubt. This is an unbelievable story of pain and the power to overcome it! A MUST LISTEN! Click Here to Listen

Walter S. - As a super percussionist, Walter Santos toured nationally in the United States with a who's who of the music business, such as Weather Report and Fandango, sharing tour dates and stages with The Charlie Daniels Band, The Outlaws, Atlanta Rhythm Section, and many more! But he had a terrible secret that was destroying his life -- he was addicted to drugs, a habit that nearly had him sentenced to life imprisonment. But then a miracle began to happen in his life when 50's teenage idol Dion, who had such hits as "Runaround Sue" and "The Wanderer," told him to totally give his life to Jesus Christ. He did and later was completely delivered from his habit at Calvary Ranch in San Diego, California. Walter now tours the country doing “Born-Again Doo-Wop”...his life and ministry are characterized by an infectious JOY, that lifts up audiences nationwide, from churches to prisons to half-way houses, and more. Check out his secret of staying joyful - and victorious!! Click Here To Listen

Dennis G. – One of the biggest hurdles for any human being to overcome is childhood abuse. Its effects often last long in our lives - even after salvation. Most men hide their pain and shame, even though what happened to them was not their fault. We are taught that we have to be "macho", and not bring forth our feelings. It's time to bring things to God's Light, so that healing can come, and so we can be the man that God called us to be. On this call we heard amazing real-life testimonies from several brothers that have experienced that - and have gone on to be effectively used by God to help others. Click Here To Listen

John R. – he grew up in church, got involved in ministry early, looked like the perfect “church kid” – but he had a “secret”. This secret kept him bound – even after he got married to the lovely Pastor’s daughter. One day his “Secret” was exposed – and his family fell into turmoil! Find out how God turned it all around and now uses John as a great asset to the church, and to men in particular. Click Here To Listen

Paul C. – an atypical example – a successful Wall Street guy, his “chain” was an addiction to online gaming – which lasted well into his marriage! He also had some problems with pornography. Hear how the clear voice of God spoke to him one day, and set him free! Click Here To Listen

Greg Q. – from militant homosexual activist to a delivered man, now a radical voice for Christ in our culture, hear how Greg was set free from the chains of same-sex attractions after he finally forgave his father. Click Here To Listen

Joel 2:25 – an encouraging discussion among Chains Call panel members, based on this famous verse (“God will restore the years that have been eaten away…”). This time of sharing will bring new hope for restoration into the heart of anyone that is discouraged, or that may be struggling with life-controlling issues of any kind Click Here To Listen