Prayer Calls

Every Monday morning (from 6am to 7am est) LMM holds a prayer conference call that can be accessed either by phone or over the Internet. For those wanting to use the phone, call (605) 472-5623 and the PIN to access the call is 366273# (don't forget the # sign). Once on the call, people are given opportunity to share a brief request or praise report by hitting *2. These instructions are given during the call.

For those wanting to access via the Internet, you have to get the link which is new for each call, by getting the newsletter and clicking the link that appears under the Prayer Call heading. That link can be used before the call takes place to submit prayer requests and praise reports by clicking the link, going to the Internet page, and using the box that says "Submit your Questions." The same procedure can be followed during the calls and we see the items submitted immediately.

Starting your own prayer call

Perhaps your church or group would like to start your own prayer. It’s actually very simple. We recommend you do the following:

1. We strongly recommend you participate in a few of the LMM prayer calls before you establish your own. This will be very helpful and provide you with the background you need to establish a powerful prayer call.
2. Go to
3. Set up a free account.
4. Establish a consistent time of prayer.
5. Invite men to join in on the call. Initially you may just want to invite a core group of men who will be committed to pray on the call. Each could then take a turn to do a short devotion on the call prior to prayer time.
6. Once your core group has been established invite others to join in on the call.
7. Expect great results.

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