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Behind every good man is a good woman. Well at Legacy Minded Men we TRULY understand that but with one modification: Behind every godly man is a PRAYING woman! That is why we established Legacy Minded Women (LMW). LMW is there to support and augment the mission of LMM. How? It all begins with prayer. LMW will pray for all events sponsored by LMM and not just on their knees. Nope, these ladies will pray over EVERY chair before all of our conferences and then pray off site during the event. They also are there to communicate our message to other women, sharing with them the vision so that their husbands and/or sons can get involved.

On top of that they make themselves available to aid in our events, whether they be a conference, banquet or seminar.

NEW: Ladies would you be interested in being part of a women's Legacy Group? These groups are designed to share life together. Here is a sample video that can begin your meetings and provide direction for discussion.

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