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From a group leader in California...

I wanted to share a testimony about the daily devotional's Darien sends out each day. We currently have 5 men from Iron Men of Abundant Living receive the daily text. One of the men sent the devotion to his friend who is a gang banger. When the gang banger got it he sent to one of his members that was set to do a drive by and when he got it, he read it and aborted his plan to most likely kill someone. Wow! - Steve Burgess


Another great event, men were moved, excitement was generated. Now what? Too often this is where the ball stops rolling. But what if there was something on the backend that extended the life of the event? Something that takes what the men learned and allows them to live it out. A way to keep the discussion going!

Maybe there was no event but you just feel led to encourage and equip men to be all God created them to be. No matter the reason Legacy Groups take men to a whole other level.


These groups are designed to Transform lives by Engaging, Encouraging and Equipping men to build a Christ-centered Legacy.

What is a Legacy Group?

Legacy Groups are a unique tool that allow men the freedom to be REAL with each other. This fosters authentic RELATIONSHIPS that encourage men to RESPOND to the call of God. Legacy Groups are not for bible study, although the word of God is a big part. They are a place where men can be themselves and not worry about being judged. Truth, in love, is spoken and that is a formula for transformation!

Who should facilitate?

Not everyone is born to facilitate a Legacy Group. The ideal candidate should be a man who is not shy and can keep the discussion going, this is extremely important to keep the men engaged. Also he should not be a people pleaser who tells the men what they want to hear or allows an unproductive discussion to continue.

Facilitators will either go to the Legacy Minutes page to get the current weeks lesson or download the Legacy Minded Men App from iTunes or Google Play.

Pointers for facilitators
• Don’t let any one man dominate the conversation. Let the men know that if someone is dominating the conversation that you will interject to include more men in the discussion.

• We suggest you have men complete a survey. We have attached a survey that will allow you to gauge where men are in their life and walk.

• Encourage the men to identify a man to be accountable to. Here are some recommended questions each man can ask each other:

Accountability Questions for Group Members to Ask Each Other
1. How are you doing with God?
2. How are you doing with your mate or the person you're dating?
3. How are you doing with your children?
4. What temptations are you facing, and how are you dealing with them?
5. How has your thought life been this week?
6. Are you consistently living for Christ in your workplace?
7. Have you been spending regular time in the Word and in prayer?
8. With whom have you been sharing the gospel?
9. Have you lied in your answers to any of the questions above?
10. How may I pray for you and help you?

Types of Groups

Legacy Groups are ideally for 2 – 12 men. While this may seem like a small number it is essential in order to ensure the men feel comfortable and secure. Also it is important to make men aware that the private information exchanged in the meeting is in fact private and should not be shared with anyone outside the group.

If groups grow to more than 12 we strongly suggest you identify a leader from the group and spin off a new group.

When should the group meet?

While there is no day or time better than another it is important to be consistent in your meeting times. For example, every Monday at 7pm-9pm or every other Tuesday morning from 7am-8:30am. This will allow men to build it easily into their schedule. Also if you are catering to men that can’t get together during the week then you can schedule a Saturday meeting. Bottom line establish a time based on the group you want to start.

Where should the group meet?

They can be held at a church, a home or even a diner. Men can simply get together with a few friends or it can be part of a church program. The important thing is that men meet!

Legacy Minutes

Each week a new The Legacy Minute will be posted on the website as well as the Legacy Minded Men app. This will provide a link to the weekly video topic as well as e facilitator discussion questions.

The meeting

Each meeting should start in the same manner:

Open in prayer

2. Have first timers introduce themselves

3. Read the following to the group (if you choose not to read every time because you have the same group meeting after meeting that is fine)

    a. It is important that you understand that you will be responsible to keep the discussion moving. Therefore, you will be limited to speak for no more than 5 minutes at one time. This will prevent someone from dominating the conversation and allow for more men to chime in. It is important to understand that there will be times when someone is going through a very difficult time and may need more than the 5 minutes. The facilitator needs to be sensitive to this and adjust accordingly.

   b. Please be respectful of others beliefs and their backgrounds

 c. What is said in the group stays in the group. This is essential to build and maintain trust between attendees

4. If a topic was discussed in the previous meeting where follow-up was requested address feedback at this time

5. Play the weekly 2-5 minute video (if you have the ability to do so)

6. Use the video companion questions. If the group gets off on a tangent allow it as long as it is constructive. Just make sure you get them back on course.

7. Discuss any projects or activities the group may be interested in engaging together.

8. Take prayer requests

9. Close in prayer

If you wish to take a different approach you may. For example, if you want to meet and have your group meet one week and then the following week have the group get together to help someone do their leaves or paint that would be great. You may also want to skip the video and go directly to the discussion questions. If you want to men to go through a series such as “Wild at Heart” or “Stepping Up” that would be great.

Upload meeting notes

So that we may track the progress of your group we ask that you log onto our site and just answer a few simple questions including the number of men who attended. This can also be done via the App under the "More" tab. The update will take no more than one minute.

Legacy Partners

But what happens if you have an existing group that accomplishes the same results that a Legacy Group provides? In that event your group can become a Legacy Partner. Being a Legacy Partner will plug your group to a broader assembly of men, from different cultures and denominations, all working together to be the true reflection of the body of Christ. It will also afford you several benefits. For example, as a Legacy Partner you will have access to:

1. All Legacy Minded Men resources

2. Our speakers bureau

3. Attend LMM events at special group rates

4. List your group on the LMM website and promote their meetings on our calendar of events which will be seen by all our visitors

5. To be part of the leadership conference call which includes discussion on best practices in men’s ministry

To have your men participate on our prayer and breaking the chains of addiction conference calls

7. While there is no set cost we suggest an annual donation to Legacy Minded Men of $250 per year

Church Based Legacy Groups

•If your church or organization is interested in learning more about starting a Legacy Group there are three ways to start the ball rolling:

1. The church leaders can visit an existing Legacy Group to experience it first hand

2. A Legacy Minded Men leader can come to your church and address your men, and run the meeting as if it was a Legacy Group

3. Training and ongoing support

      • Once you decide you want to move forward we suggest you identify 3 men who will assume the leadership roles. Why 3? Sometimes men have obligations so we know a strand of 3 is difficult to break! Meaning three ensures there will also be at least one man to lead.

      • A great starting point would be to utilize our book, "The 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man" to get your men primed for thought-provoking discussions.

Benefits to a Legacy Group

       • Unlike the average church men’s ministry, Legacy Groups deal with issues that are all too real to men.
       • Legacy Groups promote the building of strong relationships with an emphasis on accountability.

      • By establishing a Legacy Group at your church you plug into the LMM network which will enable your men to participate in large regional conferences and workshops.

      • Men will engage with other men of different backgrounds and cultures, breaking down barriers that exist in the church and society as a whole.

      • Every two weeks Legacy Group leaders will receive an email from LMM which will feature a brief instructional video as well as a PDF to provide him with some talking points and solid discussion questions that he will facilitate.

       • Monthly Legacy Group Leader conference calls will also be held to allow for the sharing of best practices.

For Legacy Group Meeting Ideas CLICK HERE

Legacy Group Testimonials

“Establishing a Legacy Group was better than I could have imagined, thank you so so much / really indebted”
-Pastor Chris Lawrence, Church of the Living Hope

“Every time we get together, we grow with one another more. This includes doing activities together that months ago we never would've done. In fact, today, 10 of us (of varying ages) were playing baseball together in the church yard! And tomorrow, we are going to play baseball at a much larger field. As always, God is glorified.”
-Pastor Ernesto Marin, Havana, Cuba

“We are indeed indebted to you.”
-Pastor Adonai Magwaza, Zimbabwe, Africa

"LMM Partners is such an asset to the body of Christ. It builds the regional church while strengthening the local church."
-Pastor Peter Bruno, Metro Church


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 973-865-8000. We are here to help!

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