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Jesus did not only come to save us from our sins. He came so that we could, through His divine power, build a new and different life in Him. Transformed leads men to build the strongest foundation possible. Do not live with without a strategy. Focusing on these pillars will help you become a legacy-minded man and will result in a life of lasting impact.


What fathers say can determine a child’s way. Fathers who speak words of encouragement and love to their children, mixed in with some common sense, sow into their hearts and minds the necessary ingredients for reaping healthy identities and self-images that propel toward success in life. Fathers Say... shares life lessons that testify to the power of a father’s influence in their lives.


7 day plan

9 day plan

This 7-day study provides men with a look into what God says a man should look like. It is powerful and eye opening, and if applied, will transform you!


7 day plan


365 Days

Gain a better understanding of the order of biblical events and the historic context in which they unfolded. The One Year Chronological Bible gives readers a fresh look at the Bible. With the full text divided into 365 portions for daily reading it allows readers the opportunity to read through the Bible in one year.  This is not Legacy Minded Men material, rather it is a recommendation.


Plan de 9 días

Jesús no sólo vino a salvarnos de nuestros pecados. Él vino para que con Su poder podamos edificar una vida nueva y diferente en Él. Transformados encamina a los hombres en la edificación del fundamento más fuerte posible. No vivas sin una estrategia. El enfocarte en estos pilares te va a ayudar a convertirte en un hombre con mentalidad de legado, y resultará en una vida de impacto perdurable.

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