Thank you for caring , I m not use to that , I mean the real love of someone who is a conduit for JESUS, wow!!
- Dan Wysocki

From Pastors:

Joe, if you didn't already know, Legacy Minded Men has been a blessing to me personally and to the men of our church it has been the spark we needed!! I would highly recommend this ministry and its diverse attributes to any church in America!! God bless LMM.
– Pastor Eric Butler

Leading men is the greatest struggle in the church today because the devil knows if you ever organized men you would have an unmovable and unstoppable force that is committed to success in everything it attends. Legacy Minded Men addresses that situation by giving men an opportunity to find purpose in life itself and to recognize the gifts God has given to them and then to release those gifts to the tasks that they have been called to do.
-Bishop Roderick R. Caesar

Brother Joe, you are the best. You left an amazing imprint on their lives, praise the Lord!!!!!
- Pastor Joe Figueroa

LMM has been not only an inspiration but an answer to prayer. To have a regional ministry where Men from all different churches and denominations can come and hear about what makes up a Godly Man... is priceless.
– Pastor Peter Bruno

Through life’s journey, there are many people with whom we come in contact with. Some of them bring good things to us, and may even promote positive changes in the perspectives that we have. When I came to my first Legacy Minded Men meeting I soon realized that this is a place of spiritual growth and where I would be nourished with God’s living word and the love shared with other brothers in Christ. This is not just a ministry but a safe haven where I can show up as I am and receive new strengths and be refreshed by the Lord. I have been truly ministered with every meeting that I go to. One of the characteristics of life in this region is that most things are fast paced. It is easy for many of us men who juggle between different responsibilities to feel burned out. I have been there several times. It is as if one cannot really enjoy the simplicities of life. When a person reaches this point, there is great danger to fall into unhealthy activities, such as addictions. Even for Christian believers, there may be a spiritual burnout is the person is not well fed and refreshed. There have been times in which I have felt very lonely in the midst of my hectic life. It is true that God is always with us, but many times there is this need to find people that can relate or give you a word of encouragement. I am so thankful that LMM is meeting that need in my life, and I praise the Lord for this ministry. In the society that we live in, we need many more ministries like Legacy Minded Men. The reason I say this is because most of the social problems that we face today are the result of a lack of godly men who would step up to the plate and be a good example to the younger generation. LMM is there to build up such men, and I am very proud to be one of them. This is the time for the church to rise up and be the reflection of Christ. It is time for Christian men to take the lead in the communities and have a character of a servant of others, bringing glory and honor to God’s name. I thank my brother Joe Pellegrino for being that vessel that God has used to start off LMM. He is a man after God’s own heart, and I feel so privileged for calling him my brother and my friend. Joe has been a true and transparent role model for us, and my prayer is that the Lord would continue to use him and strengthen him to cause a greater impact on this generation in the Greater New York City area.
– Pastor Carlos M. Quijada

I think the biggest impact LMM has had for me is that it's a local men's ministry that allows me to refer men to when they are looking for somewhere to receive some ongoing discipling tools. With all their different events and training it really makes it easy for me to refer men to. I have been in men's ministry for almost 13 years and I have discipled over 200 men personally and have help start over 25 different men's ministries in various churches nationally and internationally. it's very challenging to be there for all the men that are in need, I sincerely know that when I direct someone to LMM that they are hearing sound doctrine and that they will learn how to be a true man of God.
- Pastor John F. Orlando

Thank you brother Joe Pellegrino, thank you for standing with us throughout this year ever since we came to Legacy Minded Men. We are so grateful and do appreciate all your leadership excellence in our lives. We do pray for you.
– Pastor Adonia Magwaza in Zimbabwe, Africa

Men's Ministry Leaders:

The “You Can” Man Conference at Christ Church was so moving that I, as the men’s ministry department head, received about 30 compliments from women saying they could only wish that the women’s ministry had such a powerful event wherein they could get together and pour their hearts before the Lord as the men did. In fact many of them said it was the best thing that their husbands had participated in, in many, many years!
– Ray Velez, Men’s Ministry Leader Christ Church

I was introduced to Legacy Minded Men 2 years ago at a Men’s conference that was held at Powerhouse Church in Wyckoff. That first event challenged me to revaluate who I am as a Christian, as a husband, and as a father. Later that year I was further challenged in these areas by the pre-screening of the movie Courageous. Other LMM events (e.g. John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, You are not Alone, You Can, Discipleship Training, Huddle Ups, etc.) have pushed me forward in Christ. These events have reminded me that I am a Man of God. I am called to lead in my home first, in the market place second, and in the House of God. You don’t need a title to lead. So far I’ve only discussed Legacy Minded Men, and not Joe Pellegrino. Every man, whether he has a natural father, or not, looks to find another man to pattern his life after. Fortunately I have been given two. My pastor and Joe Pellegrino. Joe is a Man of God who is a tireless example of what it means to be a Man of God. Although he leads Legacy Minded Men, his main focus is not to build his organization, but rather to build the Kingdom of God by engaging, equipping and empowering men to serve the King. Today, most local churches are geared to appeal to women. The services are emotional and men have been left out. Joe understands this and has developed Legacy Minded Men to come along side pastors and churches, helping them to build up their men of God. The Church of Jesus Christ needs strong men to take the reins and lead. Women are capable of leading, but they have taken this role because men have abdicated their responsibility. Joe understands this and has developed Legacy Minded Men to challenge men to take up their cross’ and follow the Lord, lead their families, and restore the former glory to the House of God. Thank you Joe for obeying God and being the example that God has called you to be.
- Gene Howell, Men's Ministry Leader True Vine Christian Center

My name is John Sherrod, Deacon at Bethel Gospel Tabernacle in the South Jamaica, New York area. My Bishop is Roderick R. Caesar. I have had the awesome pleasure to fellowship with the Legacy Minded Men ministry when they were invited to my church for the "Huddle Up" conference. What I experienced was an "authentic" men's ministry that was not concerned with numbers, but with "change." The testimonies of the presenters was real, hard core and genuine. They spoke of personal issues, practical approaches and God-glorifying solutions. The men of my church are blessed to have a leader (Bishop Caesar) who brings forth the word with anointed "practical" power so we are accustomed to authentic sharing and practical wisdom. We were able to determine right away with the Legacy Minded Men's approach that this was the "Real McCoy"; no fluff!! Our men were truly blessed and we have participated in all of the conferences "LMM" have sponsored since. It is so vital today, that men are exposed to, recognize and experience "authenticity" in their fellowship. That's the "legacy" that Jesus Christ left with his disciples and it is that's what the "Legacy Minded Men" ministry continues today. What a blessing to know that men today can leave a God-glorifying "legacy" to their children because of Legacy Minded Men.
- John Sherrod, Men's Ministry Leader Bethel Gospel Tabernacle

Since its formation, LMM has meant a great deal to me. I have found my involvement to be very uplifting even during times of personal challenge in my life. I have found LMM to be a safe, comforting, and edifying environment where men gather around each other to support each other through the sharing of their own personal testimonies and life stories. The men of LMM truly care for each other and support each other through listening, mentoring and praying for one another and the community at large.
– Tom Vigorito, Men's Ministry Leader Emergence Church

LMM has been a great blessing to me. It has come to make me realize the issues that plague our society, namely fatherlessness and the affect it has on family life. LMM has also brought to mind the many temptations and concerns that men face. Through LMM churches, men’s groups & men can be encouraged, get engaged and be equipped to help face these challenges through the many avenues that LMM has available. LMM has allowed me to meet many men, pastors, etc that I never known before and has given me the ability to have new friendships with them. This has opened many doors for me. But most importantly LMM has shown me the power of prayer and putting a stronger trust in the Lord for leading and guidance. This in turn has allowed me to become the man and leader that He wants me to be. My involvement with LMM has also been a blessing to my wife in that she sees how God is using me outside of our church walls. She supports me, respects me and loves me in a stronger way. Without LMM I often wonder where I would be and what I would be doing in my walk with the Lord.
– Frank Tirrito, Men's Ministry Leader Hawthorne Gospel Church

Various Ministry Leaders:

I began attending Legacy Minded Men (LMM) breakfasts right from the beginning back in 2007. My wife and I were still separated at the time so the meetings served as a wonderful source of fellowship and encouragement. Then on Good Friday 2009 I was asked to speak at the LMM sponsored Mayor's Prayer Breakfast in Wayne, NJ. Amazingly just two days before my wife and I were reunited and consequently we celebrated a family reunion at that prayer breakfast that my family will never forget. LMM has continued to serve as a source of hope and inspiration as I have now introduced my two son-in-laws to the LMM Man Conferences. With all the blessings there are still many challenges. The LMM prayer call every Monday and Thursday morning at 6:00 am has been my hotline to heaven as family struggles continue particularly with my recently divorced daughter who birthed our two grandchildren. The LMM prayer warriors have been there for the past two years listening to my heart cry and praying with me for my precious family. I continue to thank God for LMM and avail myself of all the wonderful resources which includes for me the LMM breakfasts, LMM Man Conferences, and the LMM prayer calls!
- Steve Lillis, Gospel Trick Shot Ministries

Joe, You know my purpose and heart in seeking workers for the harvest, and in that the pastors/church that are seeking the same… for the harvest IS plentiful. First, you have speakers that can speak and relate to the men in the pews. Secondly you use different churches and I can only assume this is a never-ending search, but in that you also draw different men, in different venues, in seeking Him to spiritually motivate and equip the men no matter where they may be in their walk. All to the glory of God. One can't ask for much more than that. From my perspective I couldn't ask for more or a better partner in doing His Kingdom work! Thanks for All you do.
– Tom Lovig, The Pocket Testament League

LMM serves me and many as a 'Balm of Gilead.'
– Lee Rouson, Speaker and former NFL Player

Legacy Minded Men has given me a platform to share what God has done in my life and to encourage and empower others to take a hold of Jesus and the destiny He has for them. More personally, Legacy Minded Men has given me a community of men that I can walk with though this life. They are there for accountability, prayer, and deep authentic friendship. Legacy Minded Men has been a life changing ministry for me.
– Keith Elias, Speaker and former NFL Player

Average Joe's:

I have a special place in my heart for LMM, during the darkest hours of my life the men of LMM were the first to step up and be at my side. They were my strength and my support through terrible days of anger, anguish and hurt. My life could have taken a disastrous turn and I could have looked for other things to satisfy the loss in my heart and fill the void in my life, but my brothers were there to show me how the Lord would get me through this and to trust him and them to a life that would fill my heart with love of the Lord, not anger and hurt. I will never forget the support and love of the LMM family. I am truly blessed to be a part of that band of men.
– John Terrano

What LMM means to me? It means that now I know that I can leave a true legacy to my family. It is Christ that I leave. Thank you LMM!
– Phillip Riddick

It has helped me in my walk. Since I am new to the faith in the last year it has been a HUGE help!
– Pat Casalaspro

LMM has definitely given me an opportunity to learn things about Jesus & the Bible and what is the true meaning behind the gospel. Because of LMM my eyes are opened toward serving God and preaching the good and true gospel.
- Premtim (Tim) Konushevci

I've been attending Legacy Minded Men's conferences and studies the last several years. LMM has been a tremendous influence and encouragement in my life that has helped me grow closer to God and encourage other men to do the same. The Men Conferences and study groups continue to feed me kingdom teachings and growing fellowship time that prepares me for my daily walk with God and helping me transform my life into kingdom living leadership. The groups foundation members are truly awesome empowered men of God, they talk the talk and walk the walk. I have grown to love and cherish their friendship and fellowship. LMM has also strengthened the men's ministry within my church and our pastoral team highly recommends all involvement and highly supports this powerful ministry God has blessed this area with.
- Scott Kewer

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all that you do to keep Legacy Minded Men held together. I praise God for Legacy Minded Men and everything that it stands for! Even before I was married or a very soon to be father, Legacy Minded Men was there to help coach and assist me to walk closer with Jesus daily as we battle our sinful natures. I love the fact that Legacy Minded Men does not sugar coat anything and gets to the brutal truth right up front so that there is no escaping the hard facts that most people are too afraid to deal with. Not only is Legacy Minded Men honest and forthcoming about the fact that we ALL need a Savior, but Legacy Minded Men also offers help and support to walk the narrow road together with accountability and brotherly love. NO one on the board or staff would ask you to do something that they would not do themselves. I am so overcome with joy, strength, Holy Spirit power, and love when I attend something for Legacy Minded Men! I am so thankful that this tool is available to anyone and is something that I can be a part of. I can honestly say that Legacy Minded Men has helped me in my life in many, many ways. Praise God for you Joe and allowing Him to give you this vision and see it through. I pray that Legacy Minded Men with continue to engage, encourage & equip men for many years to come. I pray that Legacy Minded Men would be placed all over the world as it is vital to walk the walk with brothers, not alone. If there is ever anything that I can do to assist, do not hesitate to call me.
- Adam Popelka

As a man that was raised in a single parent home Joe and LMM have provided me guidance in God and living for Christ that I would otherwise have been lacking for years to come. This may very well have caused me to miss my call from God. Yet because God has blessed my life with LMM I am on track and on fire for Christ. Thanks LMM!
– Andre Bolden

LMM has created an opportunity for all men, young and old to gather together in unity through the love of Christ. It has created a safe haven for men to learn leadership, stewardship and discipleship life lessons, which will not only transform them, but affect their family and communities for generations to come. Some men may not go to church or a men's program, but they will go to LMM. This program, in cooperation with churches and as a standalone program is making an investment in the lives of the men and will have a positive long lasting effect on all those who get involved with it.
– Anthony Gambino

Joe.....every Man Conference I have attended, I have been greatly moved by the Holy Spirit. I believe Legacy Minded Men is a gift for all Christians to get equipped and strengthened in their walk with The Lord. Whether it's a Huddle Up, or the Man Conference......Legacy Minded Men has been a blessing to all! Thanks Joe!!
– Kurt Edelman

Your programs have had a significant positive impact on my life, both spiritually and professionally. Your Tuesday morning breakfast meetings have been a consistent base of stability to connect with brothers and be inspired by tremendous speakers. They have been an greatly anticipated appointment within a very busy business schedule. The Legacy Minded Men’s conferences have been a valuable resource to benefit from the camaraderie of brothers and hear some of the best Christian speakers and business leaders. The subjects presented have always been relevant, from challenging men in those areas of life that many men struggle with, to life lessons and “how to’ instruction to elevate our walk with Christ. These conferences have provided a unique opportunity to bring friends who have not had the blessing of attending great churches or who have not been exposed to challenging Christian teaching. Many of these friends have accepted Christ as a result of attending the conferences and have gone on to lead inspiring lives. Keep up the tremendous job because this targeted initiative is rarely provided by the local Church.
- Richard Van Houten Jr.

A few years ago I went through a number of hardships. I had lost my job, had numerous medical issues, lost a friend to suicide, I was betrayed by church leadership, had major marital struggles, I had a lifelong addiction that was tearing me apart and I had to leave my church of 15 years and because of that lost friendships. Legacy Minded Men provided a place where I could connect with other men who had struggles in similar areas. Hearing the sincerity of the leadership and understanding their vision helped me to begin to trust Christian leaders again. The speakers never fail to leave a nugget that I can take with me and use in my daily life. For many years I felt that for Christians to make a difference we need to go beyond church walls and work together. Legacy Minded men is an organization run by laypeople with the intent to help and unite men from different churches with the purpose of making a difference in our lives and in our world. Because of this organization I know that I am coming back and that my God is not done with me yet and he is continuing to build a solid faith in me that Satan nor the evil works of men can destroy.
– Rich Girardin

Legacy minded men was there for me when I struggled with having to leave my home Church. Because of the Network of Men and the routine opportunity to meet I was able to keep my walk together and continue to move forward. Had it not been for Legacy minded men, I’m not sure where I would be in the Lord right now.
– Frank Abate

LMM has certainly impacted me in a very positive way. I really have benefited tremendously from all the Events LMM have offered these last several years, including The Man Conference and Huddle Up. I have grown through other things you have offered over the years like the Breakfast meetings as well. All the Godly men you have brought to these events over years have been such an encouragement to me and I know to so many others. I think the brotherhood and the relationships I have gained over these years with so many men has helped me through some of my darkest times. If it weren't for LMM I don't think I would have made it through some of the stuff I was dealing with if not for my brothers Christ. Joe you are an inspiration to me and so many other men. You are a great example of what it is to be a Godly man. Blessed to call you my brother!
– Joe Silva

The Man Conference events are life changing. Each time I attend one, my walk with the Lord gets put back on the right path. I don't say this lightly. We all have our demons and I surely have mine. When I attend a LMM event, between the incredible speakers and the fellowship of hanging around guys who are looking for more than what the world offers, great things happen. My outlook on life, and specifically on God, changes...for the better. If you're seeking more out of your life, and want to get closer to Him, Legacy Minded Men is the real deal.
- Jim Rodante

Legacy Minded Men as a group and as a family has meant so much to me. First of all the Holy Spirit has taught me through the men of LMM that God has a purpose and a plan for my life regardless of the storms around me. It has taught me that regardless of the amount of time we have on this earth in this body, we need to use that time for God and to worship Him in all we do. The Legacy Minded Men's group has been a family to me. They have lifted me up and edified me as well as prayed for me when I needed it most. I have felt their love and their prayers many times throughout the time I have spent alongside these men. I praise God for these men and their families and from a grateful heart I thank you LMM!
– Andrew Faltas

Men are missing! LMM challenges and then walks men through the 'how' of living out the great call of Jesus Christ in and through their vital relationships. LMM reminds men that we are His servant leaders through a community of like-minded brothers in the body of Christ without regards to denomination, ethnicity, age or even failures. Imagine what men who are restored with His purpose and identity could do in and through our churches; men ARE making a comeback through LMM!
– Charles Eapen

LMM has been 'key' in my growth as a man of God. Our fellowship offers so many opportunities to serve, grow and unite with men - that I don't know where I would be without it.
– George Venarchik

Legacy Minded Men means many things to many different men. This is because in fulfilling its mission of equipping men to be what God created us to be, it reaches out to each of us where we are. Whether providing meaningful relationships with other men in business, providing life changing experiences, or joining in prayer as we share our broken condition in life. Everyone is openly accepted even those of us who quietly are taking it in. What a blessing that no matter where we are in our walk with God or if we have yet to know him fully, there is a safe place to do it particularly as men.
- Hank Schuurman

My name is Jay Aftab. I was paralyzed from the waist down by a spinal injury in January 2011. I was 48 years old and suddenly I could not take care of myself in numerous ways and was forced to depend on others to help me greatly in my daily life. That is a hard thing to accept for someone as independent and self-reliant as I was before the accident. I could not work and therefore lost my carpet business of 23 years and abruptly found myself with not much else to do each day other than rehabilitate my lost nerves... Several friends both new and old from Legacy Minded Men supported me by driving me to LMM events and I became a regular on the prayer call on Mondays and Thursdays... All the while God was restoring my nerves slowly to where I can now today walk with a cane! But I think that God had a purpose for my injury. Without it I would never have become as dependent on others (or God) and I think that He had loftier goals than just healing my legs... He had to heal my heart. He did this through the accountability and support I received from all those at LMM! I just recently received the OK to drive again and now I support those who I can help thru tough times and bring them to LMM events and volunteer at events when possible. LMM is a major part of my daily life and I will do anything to support its growth and effectiveness in other men's lives.
-Jay Aftab

Genuine Guys; Fantastic Fellowship, Legendary Leaders.
– Jason Decker

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