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We hope we've been able to help you understand the importance and value of our mission. Perhaps you've been moved to make a donation to help us to fund our programs. We appreciate your willingness to serve us financially and hope you will click on the donate button below to submit your gift through PayPal. Legacy Minded Men is a non-profit and 501c3 Corporation. All donations are tax deductible.

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Some of the unique aspects of our work include:

An unusual anointing that is resulting in fruit that abides and remains, creating a passion for men to engage

A high level of personal interaction because we are local to the NJ/NY metro area

The passion is creating subsequent growth as men feel they are part of a larger outreach

The very direct effort to confront major issues and addictions in men’s lives

Localized leadership and discipleship training

Teleconferences for prayer, breaking addictions, and challenging Bible study

Experienced people from the NJ/NY metro area who understand the unique dynamics of this area are the ones leading the ministry

A ministry to businesspeople, teaching Christ like business methods

A unique approach to afford men the opportunity to pass along the blessing to their son or grandson

We are watching small men’s groups catch a fresh wind of the Spirit that is driving them to grow, reach new men, study, evangelize, disciple, and bring new strong leadership to their homes and places of business

Your gift of any amount, whether one time or each month, will help us to continue in this effort to engage, equip, and encourage men to be all God has created them to be.

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